Editorial Note: 24th of September, 2015

As we prepare for the launch of this project, we have temporarily taken down the photographs, information regarding their sale, and their background story. If you are reading this, please know that major things are happening and will be coming soon. If you have an urgent need for a photograph, please, contact Nancy M. Dammann at

—–The below was written Nov 11, 2013

These photos, their exhibition and their sale, are in support of a research project aimed at creating a collaborative process through which we (nine Peruvian Amazonian communities and I) can help find a greater audience for the communities’ voice. It draws on more than ten years of collaborative fieldwork investigating community based governance efforts in the Peruvian Amazon. Working with university students from the communities, individual community members, and the communities as a whole, the goal is to co-produce and co-author rigorous scientific analyses of their local efforts. This will contribute much needed information to scientific and general understanding of the Amazon and a rich layered perspective to inform policy-making efforts.

If you want to purchase a fine art print or greeting cards in support of the project, please view the images available on this website and contact Nancy M. Dammann at

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