VASI- Visión Amazónica para la Sostenibilidad Integral or Amazonian Vision for an Integrated Sustainability

Just a short note to those of you follow this blog and/or happen upon it in the next few weeks. Big things are coming. The communities have chosen a project name: VASI.

VASI, or Visión Amazónica para la Sostenibilidad Integral (Amazonian Vision for an Integrated Sustainability) in the words of a local teacher, is a vision from Amazonia (the lungs of the world) that proposes to help the world to live in a way that is economically, culturally, socially, spiritually, and ecologically sustainable and which includes and recognizes the rights of all people.

We are getting ready to launch a crowdfunding effort, having meetings in N. Michigan, Washington D.C., NYC, Lima, Pucallpa, Iquitos, and Sarayacu, and we are continuing to build bridges and connections between N. Michigan and the Peruvian Amazon.

Based on community suggestions and more conversations than we can count, the project now has three branches: collaborative research, scholarships for higher education, and applied projects–the first of which will be an integrated organic agroforestry project which mixes staple foods for local consumption with fruits, timber, and wild and heirloom varieties of cacao for direct export to fine chocolate makers (starting with those in N. Michigan). Did you know cacao is originally from the Amazon and that there are diseases and genetic issues that threaten the world’s chocolate supply?

We hope to see you back here soon. Follow us so you can hear our updates, leave us feedback, send us your contact info, and stay in touch.