VASI’s in the News!

VASI is on the front page! The press is starting to come in, and VASI is stirring interest. Have you read the story? Please, you can check it out here via the Boyne City Gazette, an independent Northern Michigan paper: There are some great quotes from Jody Hayden of Grocer’s Daughters Chocolates and on the Gazette’s facebook pictures you can see more pictures:

We will be posting more fun and interesting posts about the Amazon, science, and chocolate, so make sure to follow us here on our website and via twitter @proyectovasi and like us on Facebook! A huge thank you to the Boyne City Gazette for the great story! And of course, if you are interested in learning more, or in contributing to the campaign, please, visit our campaign site on indiegogo: 

Check out what our friends at Good Stuff Cacao have done

Good Stuff CacaoGood Stuff Cacao, one of the Michigan chocolate makers with whom we have been coordinating, has gone above and beyond. Please, check out their website:  They have made it easier to support VASI than to buy their chocolate.


Of course, we hope you all will try some of their excellent and completely unique chocolate. Made with the minimum of ingredients, the chocolate meets raw, kosher, and organic standards, and is sweetened with honey. We hope that in a few years we will be providing Good Stuff and others with the cacao needed to make their products. And in the meantime, we are profoundly grateful for their overwhelming support of this project.

Cacao de Paul