And GO: VASI Just Launched on Indiegogo!

We are over the moon, thrilled, to announce that VASI just launched on Indiegogo.

Please click on and join our campaign! Thank you all who have supported us, committed to support us, and have helped VASI get to this incredible point. Share us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, by email, and by voice – Let’s go viral!

To watch the video, click here:

VASI is Empowerment through Chocolate. With your support, VASI will empower people to own their own projects that will contribute to the conservation and sustainability of the Peruvian Amazonian region and the United States through legal, sustainable, business opportunities, providing access to higher education, and scientific information to inform both local and regional policy and development decisions.

  • 9 Peruvian communities (plans to expand)
  • Peruvian University students
  • Peruvian and international scientists
  • US, Peru, and Global Businesses

And Chocolate!

Did you know the Amazon is home to cacao—the fruit from where we get Chocolate and that a significant portion of the world’s chocolate is produced by forced child labor and slaves. The communities that initiated VASI will help provide you with ethically produced, organic, sustainable, absolutely delicious chocolate—all with the aim of improving quality of life and contributing to increased access to higher education.

Chocolate for conservation, for education, for a better life.

The more views, shares, and donations we get in the next 24 hours, the more likely VASI will go viral. Please, help us spread the word, donate if you can, put us in touch with media, refer us to your friend’s, your boss, your boss’s boss, and your grandmother (she use’s chocolate in those chocolate chip cookies).

You can find us at, on facebook at, via twitter @proyectovasi, and on indiegogo:

We hope our video will move you, our pictures bring you smiles, and our story inspire.

One of the most helpful ways to share the project is directly with people you know via direct conversations, email, or chats. Make sure you provide the link, and tell people you know us. Two or three simple sentences and the link is all you need to do.

“Hey, I thought you might want to see this. VASI is a cool project combining Community, Science, Empowerment, and CHOCOLATE. My friends (family members, colleagues) are facilitating it. You should check it out:”

Thank you again for your support.

Thank you! Gracias! Irake!

(Irake means thank you in Shipibo, one of the native languages spoken in the area).


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