Come Celebrate and Talk with us about VASI

The Amazon Needs You! LA SELVA TE NECESITA

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What: An Informative Event and Celebration

Where: la avenida Brigadier 2776, distrito de Lince, Lima, Peru

When: 12PM Sunday the 24th of January 2016

VASI Invites You to an Informative Event and Celebration

VASI’s coordinating team, invites you to participate in our public presentation in Lima. The event will be both a celebration of our crowdfunding launch and an opportunity to discuss the project. We will present a brief summary of VASI and the processes and mechanisms we are using in its development.

VASI is a collaborative project created by students, scientists, and residents of nine communities in the District of Sarayacu, Provincia Ucayali, Loreto. In this poorly known corner of the Peruvian Amazon,  the residents  have joined forces to work for conservation and improved quality of life. Together, we have created a project that includes collaborative scientific research, scholarships for higher education, and applied projects. The first applied project is an organic mixed agroforestry system that combines wild, native, and heirloom varieties of cacao (for chocolate) with tropical hardwoods, exotic fruits, and other products.

We need your presence and collaboration to help spread the word about this project and help it go viral.

With that in mind, we will share a small toast and some snacks, celebrate the official launch of the crowdfunding campaign, and have time to catch up with old friends and make new ones. We hope you will share ideas and questions, and look forward to seeing you there.

You can help jumpstart the campaign, by sharing this event with your contacts and on the 19th you can start making donations of any size.

Together, we will help make a more sustainable world and look forward to your presence starting at 12PM Sunday the 24 of January 2016, Avenida Brigadier 2776, distrito de Lince, Lima, Perú.

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