To get this project to its next stage, we need your help. Please, consider donating now or during our upcoming crowdfunding campaign.

We have three main ways you can donate:

      1. Right now, through our fiscal sponsor Utopia Foundation,
      2. Through our upcoming crowdfunding campaign starting on
      3. By contributing computers, ipads, airline miles, cameras and camcorders, or other technical gear or services. Click Here to see our Wish List.

To Donate Right Now:

If you would like to make a direct donation, now, you can do so through our fiscal sponsor Utopia Foundation, either:
*Click here:
*Send a check made out to:
UTOPIA Foundation
111 Cass Street
Traverse City, Mi 49684
Please, write, “VASI” in the comment section

Whether you donate through their website or via check, VASI will receive 100% of the funds you send in our name.

Our Crowdfunding Campaign

On January 19th, we will be launching a major crowdfunding effort. We are almost ready, so close we can almost taste it—chocolate anyone?

  • Stay updated If you would like to donate during our crowdfunding campaign, please, sign up to follow us here, like our facebook page (, follow us on twitter @proyectovasi, or send us an email ( We will post and send updates when we launch the fundraising drive. Donations on the first day, January 19th, are very important to helping the project get broader attention and go viral.
  • Be a part of our core crowdfunding team If you would like to be a part of our core crowdfunding team, helping us spread the word through your networks, reaching out to media (online and other), jumping into the bloggersphere, or through some other means, please, let us know via
  • Offer a matching or challenge grant If you, or an organization or individual you know, would be able to help our fundraising campaign by offering a matching grant, challenge grants, or through some other creative means, again, please let us know via
  • Collaborate with us VASI takes the words collaboration and integrated seriously. We welcome your ideas, support, concerns, suggestions, creativity, passion, even your anger and frustration. Please, be in touch either here in the comments sections or via
  • Share, Share, Share Finally, this project will work, and will grow, because of the commitment of all of its collaborators. Please, share what we are doing with others, talk about the issues, and help us not only create interest in this project but in these ideas and issues.

Our Wishlist
To Make a Non-Monetary Donation

We are looking for, computers, ipads, camcorders and cameras, airline miles, water and soil test kits and equipment, GPS units, and other technical gear. Are you upgrading? Do you have an extra you no longer use? Are your airline miles going to expire? Do you represent a company that can sponsor us? If you can help, please, contact us directly at

  • Computers We are looking for two to eight computers in good working condition, capable of running microsoft office, statistical packages, and photo and video editing software. The computers will be used by VASI researchers, staff, and students to run the research projects, to keep everyone updated with new videos and progress reports from the project, and to track and run the applied projects. We don’t need the newest versions, just solid and in good condition. We would prefer Mac’s as it would make networking between all the project devices easier, but if you have a good PC to donate, don’t hesitate to contact us.
  • IPADS We hope to have ten (10) working Ipads for use by the research teams and project staff. These will be used for data entry and for taking and storing video and photos. Being able to directly enter data during the research process saves thousands of hours per project, it also means we can decrease the chance of loosing data. Ipads can be backed up nightly, but notebooks once lost in the field, or a river, are simply gone.
  • Cameras We are looking for one high quality professional digital camera for use by the coordinating team and several smaller digital cameras for use by students and community members. Currently we have one Nikon cool pix and Nancy’s 35 mm Nikon film camera. We would like to transition into fully digital photographs for the project. As part of the project, we also want to make sure that the community members, not just the coordinating team, have the opportunity to document the project, and present their vision.
  • Prosumer Camcorder After conversations with several professionals, we have determined that to properly document the project, we will need better video capacity. If you have a camcorder or a connection at Panasonic, Canon, or Sony who may be able to help us get a sponsored camcorder please, let us know. If you have read this far, or are reading this part, perhaps you are noticing that we clearly have some other aspirations—a book, a film? We are slowly putting together a group who can help with this; if you are interested, please, reach out.
  • Airline miles The coordinating team makes 2-3 annual trips between Peru and the US, and several trips within the US to coordinate with chocolate makers and other scientists, organizations, and institutions. We also have to travel within Peru. We welcome your donations of airline miles.
  • Water and soil quality testing gear and kits If you or someone you know can help us out with these, please, let us know.
  • GPS units—We hope to have three GPS units for use by the research teams.
  • High quality, light weight rain gear–We will need high quality, waterproof, lightweight, rain gear (jackets and pants). These serve a double purpose: protection from the rain (it rains almost every day) and also protection from biting insects, snakes, etc.
  • Other technical gear and services—contact

All donations are tax deductible.