In New York's Port (Loreto, Perú)--en el Puerto de Nueva York (Loreto, Perú)

En el Puerto de Nueva York (Loreto, Perú)

We are ecstatic, thrilled to be able to say that VASI now has the funds to realize our first event in the project area, the district of Sarayacu. We cannot thank you, our first donors, enough for having made this fundamental step possible.

With these funds we have now started organizing our first project wide meeting. Inviting the residents of the nine participating communities to elect their representatives, organizing meetings with the university students so that they can choose their representatives, and inviting appropriate scientists and provincial and regional authorities.

With this important step, we will create VASI’s legal structure and define and detail the processes and procedures we will use. That may just sound a bit backward; we have a project and no legal structure? No clearly defined processes and procedures? As a collaborative project, it is fundamental that these decisions that will define our structure and process be debated and created in the communities. We will follow an interactive and iterative process, and with these funds we can start.

Endless thanks to those who have donated, shared, and continue sharing the campaign and project. Together, we are making this Amazonian vision a reality.

To visit our campaign, click on this link: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/vasi-amazonian-vision-4-integrated-sustainability#/

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